We aim to become a bridge between Japan and the Arab region through "TARAABUT PROJECT"

NLC (our company)

“We have insight rich personnel deployed in the Islamic world (both internal and external).”
“We utilize a professional language staff (Japanese, English and Arabic)”
“We provide introductions to good residences and access to Japanese schools, universities, workplaces, etc.”
“We make preparations such as furniture, electronics, purchasing support, etc.”
“We would like to enhancement our customer’s various living accommodations.”
“We can provide correspondence and trouble-shooting by telephone, messaging, and electronic communications.”

Nakagawa Planning & Construction (Umbrella company)

“Our parent company has experience of 50 years in construction and real-estate businesses.”
“We provide sales and management expertise with office in areas throughout Osaka & Tokyo.”
“as well as branches in Sendai and Fukushima allowing us to provide nationwide support “

NAKAGAWA design architect (Group company)

“Providing high-quality design.”
“layout and design for Residence”
“total design of Furniture / Fixtures”

CULTURES FACTORY (Group company)

“We own media cross-border EC sites [Al-otaku]where we provide connections to Japanese traditional culture and pop-culture and developed information routes to Middle Eastern countries “
“Cultures Factory is a company that oversees the management of Japan’s pop-culture information site [Otalog]”
“Cultures Factory also manages the Information Video service [Shamusukamaru TV] which provides Japan’s traditional culture and pop-culture information to the Middle Eastern countries “

Services we provide

Proposing services that fits the current situation during the customers stay in Japan.

1. Arrival support
We provide start-up support before departure and after arrival in Japan. We provide information about Japan, housing accommodations and real-estate in Japan, health insurance, and banking procedures. Also, we provide support for buying necessary electronic equipment and.

2. Providing residences
We provide residences that suit our customer’s conditions and prepare them even before arrival to Japan. Since our residence / room life infrastructure is prepared before our customer’s arrival, you can begin life immediately as if staying in a hotel.

3. Daily life support
We deliver "peace of mind", "safety", and "convenience". In order to make your life in Japan more enjoyable we provide support and correspondence in both English & Arabic.

4. Admission / transfer support
A service to support our customers during their time moving to universities, new work etc., plus administration related procedures.

5. Real estate business
Beginning with Tokyo and Osaka, our services reach throughout the whole country of Japan. We listen to our customer's requests; perform market-based analysis on the experience and track record of the entire group, and match the best listings of sellers to buyers.

6. Environment creation
Design & construct buildings beginning with the acquisition of lands, adding interior design, and total production f of building maintenance. Based on the information from our customers, we will propose creating appropriate requested environments. In addition, owners of aging buildings who wish for rebuilding, remodeling, or design updates can apply a renovation and conversion, and the building will be reborn as an attractive property.

We are able to provide Company executives

Specialists, and professionals in the fields of Japanese real-estate and who are knowledgeable about the Arab region, customs, and laws, who are ready to fully support you anytime.
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Koichiro Nakagawa

NLC’s management principle is “CREATE”. Our aim is to create new values from existing values to go beyond the status quo. This Creative principle leads us to accomplish our mission, which is to “create added values to our clients’ assets and property and realize our clients’ happiness.”
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Alforieh Abdulaziz

Head of International Marketing
Using my knowledge and the experience I gained in my previous occupation at Saudi Arabian Embassy Commercial Department, I put forth my full efforts to further help bridge Japan and the Middle East, while providing high-quality services to our customers.

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