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NAKAGAWA LAND CREATION’s Corporate Identity is “Value-Added-Creation”.
This principle leads us to accomplish our mission, which is to “create added-values to our client’s assets and property and realize our client’s success & happiness.”

In order to leverage “Value-Added-Creation”, our company is based on three main operations, “Real Estate Consulting”, “Design Consulting” and “Property Management”.

Regarding “Real Estate Consulting” regardless of whether it is in or out of the country, we always try to create high profit and improve the market value with not standing by the conventional brokerage only based on supply and demand. We, along with professional staff in each field, conduct comprehensive marketing surveys, we will support our clients to develop entire business.

In “Design Consulting”, we provide the Design based on “NAKAGAWA Holistic Architecture” which is Architectural Technologies in all ages and countries integrated with Orientation/Feng-Shui/Qigong/Health/Art. We also aim to provide “Beautiful Buildings“ with “Experience” and “Technology” by cultivated over 50 years at Nakagawa Planning & Construction Co., Ltd.”, a general construction company that is also our affiliate.

In “Property Management”, We manage client’s precious properties beautifully to remain with long term, and we leverage to keep a fine-grained service in safety and comfort.

We would be pleased if you would like us to pursue the highest satisfaction and affection at our “Value-Added-Creation” and to assist further develop our client’s prosperity.

Representative Director : Chieko Nakagawa      

"Holistic Architecture"​

Our concept of “Holistic Architecture” wishes for the customer’s health and further development and prosperity, utilize the latest environmental technologies effectively to fit the customer’s ideal lifestyle, the best design from the viewpoint of Household Studies/Feng Shui/Material Utility/Holistic Medicine (Integrated and Preventive Medical Care), and executes the construction with the firmed technologies.