Introduction of Overseas Real Estate (Under Construction)

“Our Reasons to focus on Dubai as the first priority”
We focused on the following points in a market that other companies are not working on.
● Liberation of ownership of real estate by foreigners (Free Hold) and market promise
● Safe Investment Supported by Legal Improvement
● Many real estate projects boasting with world-wide name recognition
Furthermore, in addition to the above
● Agreement with DAMAC PROPERTIES, the leading real estate developer No.2 in Dubai
There was nothing else because we were able to secure the Agreement.

First of all, here is the brief introduction of the United Arab Emirates.

  • Population: 9.2 million
  • GDP per Capita: 43,000 dollars
  • Political System: Absolute Monarchy

Market Scale comparable to Tokyo as Promising Market Potential

Market Scale comparable to Tokyo as Promising Market Potential
●Many Tourists and Business People being Always Stay
●Much Activated of both Dubai (Commercial, Finance, Tourism) and Abu Dhabi
(Oil Production)

Features Real Estate in Dubai

  • In Dubai, the main method is to predict the rent income (income gain) of the property you purchased.
  • In addition, two words of “freehold” and “off plan” are points for understanding the present situation. 
  • Free hold is the lifting of foreigner’s ownership of property ownership that was forbidden to date.

  • Since releasing to foreigners in 2002 (freehold), oil money in neighboring countries, Dubai real estate is booming by the influx of speculative money from all over the world.
  • In addition, there is unique business practice as of “Off Plan” in Dubai, and apartments completed in Japan and it is common to purchase real estate by reviewing the actual property of a detached one, but in Dubai it will be sold for sale before construction.

  • In recent years the word “tax haven” is becoming popular, but Dubai is one of them. So, we can invest in real estate efficiently without taxes with high yield.

  • In addition, since there are many foreign investors originally, the legislation is improving compared to other emerging countries (emerging markets), so you can invest safely. Especially in Asia, Chinese people are focusing on Dubai real estate investment.

  • There are many real estate projects that are well known around the world such as “Palm Jumeirah” and· “Burj Khalifa”, So, The Capital gains can also be expected.

  • The Expo of Dubai will be held in 2020 and the World Cup of Soccer will be held in the neighborhood in 2022. As a hub of world trade linking Asia, Africa and Europe, Dubai will further expand its business and the population.


DAMAC PROPERTIES is a major property-developer in No.2 in Dubai.

Since its establishment in 2002 as a private residence, leisure, commercial developer in Dubai and the Middle East, it has been rapidly expanding in the region of in North Africa, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

To date, DAMAC has sold “real estate in Dubai” to 18,000 people, including the wealthy people in 116 countries, and over 60% was scored as the investment purpose.

Of less than 40% of purchasers for residential purpose, people in the world buy, It is the present situation to say that there are only 2 or 3 Japanese buyers.

The real estate yield in Dubai is on average 5 to 9% as of 2018,

In the case of DAMAC PROPERTIES who partnered with us this time, it is very high yield of 10-15%.

We have concluded the Finder Agreement with domestic first DAMAC PROPERTIES to introduce excellent properties to Japanese Investor(s).

We definitely support you to purchase with confidence.